The International Qadiriyya Foundation

The international Qadiriyya foundation was founded to live the hertitage of the Pir Sayyid Abdulqadir Gilani. The fact that we have met here to this programme and remember his heritage and his heirs 847 years after he leaved this world, is to be counted to his numberless miracles. Because the honoured Pir Abdulqadir Gilani said: “Everybodies sun has disappeared. But, our sun will never set and is everlasting.” Our institution is a cultural centre that has been founded to serve Muslims in living our religion in the best way possible, in the light of sunnatullah, under the guidance of our prophet and in accordance with spiritual discipline principles. This being the direction of our work, we act within our means for improving unity and cooperation among Muslims, increasing our feelings of brotherhood by performing social, educational and cultural works, and for establishing intercultural harmony and dialog. The master of our understanding of Sufism; Abdulqadir Jilani has stated, love, respect and tolerance as the source of this spiritual discipline and had founded his spiritual path on those principles. Our Cultural Centre, as being people who have given their hearts to this spiritual path, in the direction of advice from Murshid Sheikh Sayyid Osman Efendi who is spiritual student of Abdulqadir Jilani, in the light of Sufism, is a meeting centre for those who want to live a religious and social life that is kneaded with piety and renunciation. In this frame, to perform all kinds of educational, social and cultural activities for the purpose of learning and teaching Qadiri basic principles, our society, being centered in Bielefeld has been founded. We wish success from our lord. Undoubtedly, every excellence belongs to Allah Almighty and shortcomings and errors to us.

Shayh Sayyid Osman Mürteza Usta (* 1979 in Kayseri Incesu, Turkey) is a Sufi Master and Murshid of the Qadiriyya Order

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