efendiProphets and Awliya are like a mirror of your heart. They bring out your Ahlaq (character), which is hidden inside of you.

Grandshaykh Sayyid Muhammed Efendi

 International Qadiriyya Foundation

The international Qadiriyya foundation was founded to live the hertitage of the Pir Sayyid Abdulqadir Gilani. The fact that we have met here to this programme and remember his heritage and his heirs 847 years after he leaved this world, is to be counted to his numberless miracles. Because the honoured Pir Abdulqadir Gilani said: “Everybodies sun has disappeared. But, our sun will never set and is everlasting.”

Shaykh Sayyid Osman Mürteza Efendi is one of the sons of the Grandshaykh Sayyid Muhammed Efendi and was sent by his honoured father to Europe to the local Muslims to make his service.

After he settled in Bielefeld/Germany, he founded, together with the local Sufi house associations and foundations. Shaykh Sayyid Osman Mürteza Efendi conveys the spiritual disciplines of Gawsul Azam Abdulqadir Gilani and the teachings of our Grandshaykh Sayyid Muhammad Efendi to the Muslims in Europe and shows them in the light of Sufism a way for their religious and social life. He also held in many other cities in Europe dhikr circles and seminars on Islam and Sufism and issued Suhba and lessons. With his Tariqa students he traveled to many countries to which he brings the blessed and spiritual path of Hazrat Gilani and leads the dhikr circles in which people are found together who love and honor the Gawsul Azam.

Download PDF Document Method and Manners in The Qadiri Sufi Path

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