Bayat is the acceptance of a person the guidance of a murshidi qamil to reach marifatullah (divine closeness and knowledge) and submitting to him to carry out his service under the guidance and boundaries set by him.
Awliyas are the guides of the path of Allah. It is not possible to embark upon the path of marifatullah (divine closeness) without guide. The prophet of Allah went to miraj ubder the guidance of the angel Jibril. He has shown the way. This way they reached to Sidrai Muntaha. After this, an angel with the name of of RafRaf came. That angel has als guided the prophet of Allah to his station. After this, our prophet has seen Allah almighty by his bodily eyes in a timeless and spaceless manner. He has spoken with Allah almighty ninety thousand words.
Allah almighty commands: “Indeed, those who are giving bayat to you are giving bayat to Allah.”(1)
A brother who joins such an exalted door of salvation as Muhammadiyyah sufi path is considered to have given Bayat (allegiance) to Abdulqadir Jilani and anyone giving allegiance to him is accepted to have given allegiance to the prophet of Allah Muhammad Mustapha PBUH and accepted to have given allegiance to Allah.
When rivers mix into the sea water, they became sea water after mixing into the sea. A brother or sister joining to the door of saints of Allah, becomes one of the knights of the way of Allah. They are accepted as being from the jamaat of the saints together with the jamaat of Abdulqadir Jilani. The prayers and supplications of the murids – followers – are raised to the degree of acceptance together with the prayers of the saints.
We can explain the wisdom of taking hand as below:
Despite the fact that the animals which are killed by dogs are not clean, if a hunter gives hand to an animal and leaves it to catch a deer from the mountain and even kill the deer and bring it dead, its meat is considered halal and is eaten. Because that dog has taken hand and the action of hunting is attributed to the hunter and it is considered as if that animal has been hunted by the hunter. The actions of those giving bayat are also attributed to the ahlullah (saints) in the domain of Allah and considered in the domain of acceptance. For this reason, taking hand and serving at the door of the ahlullah (saints) means getting their spiritual himmat (power and help).
Now, the person who wants to turn toward Allah must start by giving bayat at
the door of the ahlullah.
Beyat is the statement of the Sufis handing over their wills to the will of the
Murshid(training master), as beyat itself should be the statement of
surrendering in the truest sense. From this point of view, some spiritual
experiences are seen in those people who tie their hearts to their sheik.
Those spiritual experiences, then passes to those Sufis to whom he himself
gives hand. Inspiration is transmitted to them also. The Prophet of Allah
says: “Whoever resembles someone, he is from him.”(2)
Another point that is expressed by this hadith is that the murid(a Sufi term for
Sufis meaning the one who asks for the truth) will share the shefaat(Sufi term
for help and salvation) of the Prophet of Allah. Piece becomes a whole and
thus, the Sufi ascents to the shefaat station in the Sufi Path. The Sufi does
shefaat to his mother and mother. Murit‟s(sufi term for Sufis meaning the one
who asks for the truth) will help to three to seventy people depending on their
This is the way a person who would like to join the way of the ehlullah(those
close to Allah) would join the Qadiri Sufi Path which is the way of the Ahl-i
Bayt(family of the Prophet).
The person who wants to join the Sufi Path asks for permission to enter to the
presence of Master Sayyid Muhammed or his representative by saying
“Destur ya my Sheik!”. If the permission is granted, he holds the hands of the
master sheik or his representative. If the person who wants to join is woman,
she does not hold the hand of the person she is doing intisap (Sufi term for
giving hand), instead holds from his jubbe(cloak worn by sheiks) in a manner
of respect. With the initiation of the honourable person they recite this prayer

Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, al-Azim, al-Kerim allazi lailaha illa
hu, al Hayya‟l-Kayyume va natubu ilayk, tavbete abdin zalimin li-nafsihi la
yamliku li-nafsihi mevtan ve la hayatan ve la nusura Va‟lam annahu Lailaha
illallah, “Lailaha illallah (11 times)”
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim “Ya ayyuhallazina amanu tubu ilallahi tavbatan
nasuha” sadakallahu‟l-azim. Khullun amanthu billahi ve melaikatihi ve
khuthubihi ve rusulihi va‟lyavmi‟l- ahiri ve bi‟l-kadari hayrihi va sharrihi
minallahi taalaa va‟l-ba‟su ba‟da‟l mavti hakkun, Eshadu anlailahaillallah va
ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu ve Rasuluh.
Shahidallahu annahu lailaha illa Hu va‟l-malaikatu va ulu‟l-ilmi kaima‟m-bi‟l
kısd. Lailaha illa Huva‟l-azizu‟lhakim. Innad-dina indallahi‟l Islam.
I am initiating you, my brother, in this spiritual path that is transmitting into the
hearts of walis(sufi term for friends of Allah) from Muhammed Mustapha
PBUH who is the Sun of the both this world and the hereafter with the order
and approval of Allah Almighty, and from him accumulating in Sultanu‟l Awliya
(sultan of walis, friends of Allah) Sayyid (Islamic term used for descendents of
the Prophet) Abdulqadir Jilani and becoming a river and springing and
transmitting from them to Murshid Sayyid Muhammed, with commissioning
and permission of them. May it be good and blessing on your behalf. May
the himma t(spiritual power of jurisdiction) of the walis (friends of Allah) be
upon us. Do escape form sins and listen to commands of Allah. Protect the
trust of this blessed path that you have shouldered via us as mediator. Be
happy with the fayz (Sufi term for spiritual enlightenment) of entering this path.
Take refuge with Allah from the desires of your nefs (Sufi term for lower self
similar to ego) and Satan. Keep to your word after giving promise so that you
have value with the walis (friends of Allah).

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. “innallazina yubayiunaka innama yubayiunallah,
yedullahi favka aydiyhim. Faman nakasha fa innama yankhusu ala nefsih ve
man avfah bimah ahada alayhullahi fasayhu‟tihi acran azima Innallahe ve
malaikatahu yusalluna alannabiy, ya eyyuhallazina amenu sallu aleyhi ve
sellimu taslima. as-salatu va‟s salamu alayka ya rasulallah, as-salatu va‟ssalamu
aleyka ya habiballah, as-salatu va‟s-salamu alayka ya sayyida‟lavvalina
va‟l-ahirin, ve salamun ala‟lmhursalin va‟l-hamdhu lillahi rabbi‟lalamin,
So, the person who has just joined the path kisses the hands of the
honourable person from whom he is taking education and leaves his
presence. In the first suitable time he does Gusl (Islamic washing) an then
performs two rakahs (units in Islamic prayer of Salah.) of repentance salah
(Islamic prayer). In both rakahs he recites a short chapter (sura) from Quran
together with Fatiha chapter. After the salah (prayer), he recites the „sayyid‟il
Istigfar‟ prayer and repents from his sins. If he doesn‟t know the Sayyid‟il
Istigfar prayer, he regrets his mistakes and rebellions and he prays for
forgiveness sincerely. If he has any debts or other kind of rights of others he
tries to pay them. If he is not speaking to someone makes peace. Turns his
direction towards Allah. He tries to modify his intentions, words and behavior
for the better. He watches the fard (divine commands) and the sunnah (the
Prophets practices). He invites himself first and others around himself to do
good and advices to avoid the bad things and actions. This way he starts to
realize the honor and taste being close to the friends of Allah.

1-Chapter Fath, verse 10
2-Ebû Dâvud, Libas 4; _bn Hanbel, 2/50.

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