Dhikr (remembrance of Allah)

The dictionary meaning of dhikr is remembrance, mentioning. Dhikr in the Sufi literature is used to mean the remembrance of Allah anytime in any place in the plain of speech, deeds and contemplation.
Dhikr in Qadiri Path is made as loud. The followers of Qadiri Path raise their voices as much as they can hear themselves, dhikr is made as round dhikr if three followers come together. The dhikrs of tawhid “La ilahe illallah” and lafza “Allah” form the essence in the Qadiri Path.

Now, friend of Allah is said to someone who follows the path of Quran and Sunnah and does dhikr to Allah a lot. The people who do dhikr are such sweet people. Allah Almighty commands: “One does not say any word without angels recording what he says being there.”(22)

Every dhikr comes to existence, raises to the station of Mustajab (acceptance) and begs until the day of judgement in this way: “ O Lord! Such servant of you has remembered you through me, has turned unto you, bestow your mercy upon him! Then, Allah Zul-Jalal “You be witness, as this servant of me has made dhikr to me, he has asked from me. I will honour him with paradise and my appearance, Allah promises. Indeed, our Lord does not turn back on his promise. Allah commands: “Allah does not turn away from his promise, Allah stays true to his promise, he does what he promised.”(23)

Everything prays to people of dhikr with the language of state of existence. The night says, o lord! I am finding piece with his dhikr. The day says, O lord! This servant of you is making dhikr to you. I am enjoying his dhikr. Save him from worldly worries and the worries of the hereafter. By sayin these they beg to Allah. The Night also prays for the people of ignorance and wrongdoing by saying. “O lord! I am fed up with this unclean person‟s harassment. He is spending his days away from your name, in ignorance. Please give him a calamity and save me from his harassment.” Day also says bad prayers in this way: “O lord! This person is eating your food but he is not thanking you. Please bring trouble and suffering onto him. Save me from this ungrateful one. Or take away his body from your clean earth and put into hell.” Event the waters the people of dhikr pray for them. Mountains and stones join the people of dhikr. Indeed, everything does dhikr to Allah with the language of state of existence. Allah zul-Jalal commands: “there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory!”(24) There is nothing without dhikr.
By the fact that many Sufi paths have been contributed to this Sufi path, and the road of Muhammadiya has become a great sea of Marifat(Sufi term for divine knowledge) dhikr can both be made loud or quite.

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