Method and Manners in The Qadiri Sufi Path

Undoubtedly, the main purpose of our life is to make our souls that had resurrected in the light of revelation, true to our creation against the gravity of modern life and to keep our faith sparklingly clean in those days where fleshly things are pile and surround us from every direction.

Sufi paths are rivers pouring into the straight pathway of God which are shining under the rays of lights originating from the essence of Quran; neither advice us to lift our existence onto our shoulders, get away from life itself and go to mountains, nor agrees of us turning into creatures without our human essence. Sufi paths must exist in out life as action pointers, inviting us to live this life in a humane way and calling us to listen to Quranic illumination in the face of paradoxes of the times and motivating one toward this direction.

To the mankind whose horizon is open to eternity, against getting lost in the labyrinths of the modern life and loosing ones essence, the masters of this way as lovers of resurrecting rains, carrying the torch that they took from beyond centuries, are continuing to pour meaning drops into our dead hearts. So, in this work, the method and manners of Muhammediyyah branch of Qadiriyyah which is one of the precious roses of the rose garden of Sufism, are being told and served as a hand book for those who desire to be informed in this subject.

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