Sufism & Tariqa

Sufism is the name of a holy journey. Sufism is a journey for one to explore ones own world, with the words of Yunus, it is the name for the knowledge of “knowing oneself”. By taking refuge with the purity of creation, it is the struggle of being able to fall into the mercy ocean as being a drop. The Creator has created human in the best form, and has preached the means of preserving this best form as it is by the religion he has ordered. Sufism is the name of a struggle of independence, such that, it is a blessed reckoning of ones turning towards being the most noble creature form by freeing oneself from ones egos siege, from the suggestions of Satan, from the whirlpool of ones desire.
When human appeared in the test stage called the World by shouldering a trust that mountains and stones had not accepted, it is listening to heavenly voice of the creation essence and thinking by ones heart in the light of Quran, the effort of running towards the good news of “O soul in complete rest and satisfaction, enter among my good servants, into my heaven.”(1) Sufism is running toward peace by cleansing ones heart via zikr (mentioning of Allah‟s names) and with the illumination of heart as a result of it, in the light of sublime command of “Hearts only find rest in remembrance and contemplation of Allah.”(2)
The masters of this path, by bundling a ray from Quran and the traditions of the Prophet, by being kneaded with knowledge and understanding, by being roasted with manners and patience, have paved river paths that are flowing into the Mercy of Allah that, one as being from humanity who had fallen to this way could reach to the light of Muhammad PBUH under the illumination of divine wisdom without suffering from the thorns of the world. Sufism is the exaltedness of peeling our heart from its weight, materialism and worldliness by injecting zikr of Allah into our veins and turning it into a station into which “the Creator settles who otherwise could not be contained by any place”.
The Lord of the Worlds commands „Ye have no faith; but ye (only) say, ‚We have submitted our wills to Allah,‘ For not yet has Faith entered your hearts.”(3) Thanks Allah we are all submitted our wills to Allah as Islam by accepting the conditions of Faith and Islam and Sufism is the armour to which we take refuge with on the way stretching from submission as Muslims to having true Faith. With the statement of S.Nakip Attas, “the practise of Islamic law in the station of closely experiencing Allah‟s existence, as, denoted by the Islamic expression „ikhsan‟. Sufism is reaching to the consciousness of worshipping Allah as if one is seeing Him by superimposing divine commands over ones own nafs.
Sufism is the struggle of, being able to be faithful to the covenant they have made with their lord when the souls were created, they had gathered together before they came to the universe of the world, the continuous remembrance with the effort of keeping the channels of spiritual perception and staying sublime and always facing the divine truth. Sufism is the happiness of reaching the notion of “I was immature, I have been cooked…” by being kneaded with determination, patience, renunciation, piety and submission, on a way that is thinner than the hair and sharper then the sword.

(1) chapter Hujurat, verse 14.
(2) Chapter Fajr, verses 29-30
(3) Chapter Rad, verse 28

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