The enmity of a wise man is more valuable than the loyalty of an unknowing man

The Prophet Muhammad said: „The enmity of a wise man is better than the loyalty of an unknowing man.“ When Awliya (holy friends of God) – wise people – make enmity, good results come from this and there is wisdom. Because their enmity has only the function that something good may happen to their counterpart. The affection of unknowing people is only outwardly and in truth harm and enmity. Awliya do not enter into personal enmity towards anyone. Their enmity towards a person is for the favor and advantage of this person. It is there to eliminate bad qualities and bad behavior and for the finding of justice and guidance of the person concerned. The affection and loyalty of unknowing people leads to the temptation and ruin. Instead of showing what is right, they strengthen their counterparts in wrong and sinful deeds. A story: While a man is walking around on his horse, he sees that a snake is crawling into the mouth of a person. Despite his best efforts, he cannot prevent the incident. So he wakes the sleeping person, ties him to his horse and lets him run around. The horse owner then forces him to eat all the rotten apples he finds under an apple tree and forces the person to walk again. From their point of view, the person perceives the whole incident as pure cruelty and unfounded agony. Finally, after a while, the person begins to vomit. He sees that there was a snake in his stomach and realizes that all the agony and bitterness because of the man was a gain. Then he feels guilty towards him, but also gratitude and asks him why he acted in such a way. The horse owner explains: „If I had told you directly that you swallowed a snake, because of a big fear you would not be able to take a step to run and to eat all the rotten apples to get the snake out .“

Translated from the book by Sheikh Sayyid Muhammed „Tasavvufta Aşkın Miracı“.

In English: the ascension of the highest love in Sufism

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