The highest love (Ashq) is the cure of all diseases

Illnesses are of two kinds: There are physical and mental illnesses. The highest love Ashq leads to the recovery of all illnesses and is a remedy of the Merciful Ar-Rahman. Physical illnesses generally result from overeating. Someone who senses Ashq barely eats or drinks and is consequently on a kind of cure. In this way the body recovers and gets rid of diseases. It is said: “Too much food is the source of disease. Eating little, however, is like a gentle cure and the beginning of recovery “The lover’s body comes to life with Ashq and is thus safe. When the famous Zulaikha got sick, she finally found recovery as soon as she saw the face of Yusuf she loved. Even when grief and sorrow overcame her, she was glad and happy again as soon as she saw him. If her body was in a weakened state, it strengthened again.

The origin of mental illness is bad morals and immoral behavior. Ashq is also a cure for such diseases. In a hadith our Prophet says: “The love for this world is the beginning of all mistakes. The love you feel for something makes you blind and deaf.” The reason for all spiritual illnesses is love for this world. Our beloved Prophet was asked what this world is. And he replied: „These are the things that separate you from your Creator.“

When Allah invited the revered Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) to His presence, He announced: “Certainly, I am your Lord, take off your shoes. You are in the sacred valley of Tuwā. „(Sura 20, verse 12) That means,“ Oh Musa, leave the sadness and worry that your family feels because of your family, free yourself from the love of this and the hereafter. „

Our beloved Prophet proclaims: “This world is for the community of the hereafter and the beyond is forbidden to the community of this world. The awliyas (blessed friends of God), on the other hand, are denied both this world and the hereafter. ”[Note of the Translator: „denied“ in the sense that Awliya dont desire anything for here on earth or the hereafter] Such a love cannot be found in someone who feels Ashq. No other love finds its place in the heart of the Ashq-feeler than that for the only Beloved. In a hadith (tradition) it says as follows: „Iman (the testifying faith) and pride cannot be housed together in one heart.“ Being able to escape worldly things in this way brings about the salvation of mental illnesses.

Translated from the book by Sheikh Sayyid Muhammed „Tasavvufta Aşkın Miracı“. In English: the ascension of the highest love in Sufism.

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