The true lover and beloved is Allah

Those who fall in love with the visible in the world and with feelings should know that seeing depends on light conditions, on the sun.

You see a wall with beautiful paintings and decorations that you admire. But you do not see or pay attention to the sun, through which you first get to see such beauties, but pay attention to a wall that was built from simple bricks.

You only see the image, but do you know that this image is only visible with the sun light?

So who deserves to be loved, respected and appreciated mostly?

Of course, the one who creates all existence, the one who sustains life, the true lover and true beloved, the sublime Allah. The question here is now whether the highest love has to be won first or whether it is God given. The highest love is given by Allah. So if Allah loves his creature, it is inevitable that he will love his Creator too. As long as Allah does not love his creature, human cannot love his Creator either. Only loyalty, devotion and purity are the cause of the highest and surrendering love (Ashq) between Allah and his creature.

Translated from the book by Sheikh Sayyid Muhammed „Tasavvufta Aşkın Miracı“.

In English: The ascension of the highest love in Sufism

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