The virtue of beeing in the Qadiriyya Muhammadiyya Tariqa

This tariqa has been founded by sayyid Muhammad Qadiri hadrah and has been called “Muhammadiyyah Tariqa” in connection to its founders who is from the ancestors of our murshid sayyid Muhammad and is one of the caliphs of sayyid Abdulqadir Jilani hadrah.

As well as Muhammadiyyah dargah being a Qadiri dargah in essence, it has been joined by the Nakshibandiyyah tariqa, the Abhariyyah tariqa, and the Mawlawiyyah tariqa and became an ocean leading to Allah just like streams coming together to form big rivers. The honourable Muhammadiyyah sufi path takes fayz (spiritual inspiration and power) from Abdulqadir Jilani, Bahauddin Nakshiband, Khalid-i Bagdadi, Khamudiddin Kayseri – Somunju Baba – sayyid Burhanaddin and Jalaluddin Rumi and leads to spiritual maturity through their spiritual power.

Muhammadiyyah sufi path is a door to the Marifat (divine closeness) that is in the path of ahlu bayt which comes from the family lineage of the prophet of Allah PBUH and reaches to the dargah of Abdulqadir Jilani. The prophet of Allah PBUH is saying that: “My lord would not burn in hell those who love my ahlu bayt (family)”, “Whoever loves ahlu bayt (the family and descendants of the prophet) will die as martyrs”. (7)

A brother who joins such an exalted door of salvation as Muhammadiyyah sufi path is considered to have given Bayat (allegiance) to Abdulqadir Jilani and anyone giving allegiance to him is accepted to have given allegiance to the prophet of Allah Muhammad Mustapha PBUH and accepted to have given allegiance to Allah. Allah almighty is commanding: “Surely, those giving allegiance to you are giving allegiance to Allah”.(8)

When one of our brothers mention the name of someone from ahlullah (people of Allah, saints), they become aware of it just as our prophet PBUH becomes aware when salawat (Darood) is said. When someone says salawat (Darood), the prophet of Allah says: “Let my shafaat (interception) be on you!” to that person. (9) And so, similar response is given to those mention saints of Allah in a rightous way. The benefit of their disposition and help in both this world and the hereafter is obtained.
A brother or sister giving heart to the sufi path of Muhammadiyyah takes spiritual benefit from the souls of saints from those four sufi paths mentioned above.

Our brothers and sisters joining the way of saints of Allah would not burn in the fire and they would also show interception for others. In accordance with their spiritual degree, they will show interception to help from three people to seventy people and again our brothers and sisters would neither feel the pain of death nor suffer the tortures of the grave in accordance with the hadith: “Grave is a garden from the gardens of paradise for believers”. (10)
Now, if a brother or sister of ours that has joined the way of the saints of Allah goes to a grave that is in torture and recites three ikhlas and one fatiha; if the person in that grave is a believer his panishment is taken away, and again, if our brothers and sisters are present in a funeral, the sins of sinful dead ones are forgiven.

The reason for it this:
When rivers mix into the sea water, they became sea water after mixing into the sea. A brother or sister joining to the door of saints of Allah, becomes one of the knights of the way of Allah. They are accepted as being from the jamaat of the saints together with the jamaat of Abdulqadir Jilani. As the prayers of awliya saints, in accordance with the secret of the Quranic verse “You have not thrown but Allah has thrown” (11), the prayers and supplications of the murids – followers – are raised to the degree of acceptance together with the prayers of the saints. Saints have the spiritual power of help, himmat. Himmat must be expected of them, as their himmat comes to help in times of difficulty. The miracles of the prophets and qaramat (miracle like things that saints show) are righteous and true. Awliya (Saints) have qaramat. Qaramat comes to wali‟s (saints) from miracle. Rhee is no notion of far or near for wali‟s. Because, they make Tayyi Makan (narrowing of space). We are praying Allah almighty. May Allah make our future destiny good, and do not separate us from the path of truth and the path of righteousness. (Amin)

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